Head Shaving Tutorial

Head shaving is not really that difficult, but it can be a somewhat unnerving that the first time.  Below we will give you the steps required for the first-time shaver to reveal that beautiful, smooth crown.

Here is a list of items you will need:

First and foremost, taking your hair down to stubble is a must because anything longer is too difficult shave.  You can head down to your local barbershop and have it taken care of or, as we would recommend, invest in a good set of clippers and do it yourself. It does not have to be cut perfectly smooth, but getting it down to the shortest stubble makes the shaving task much easier.

Got it down to stubble? Good! It is time to prepare your hair for shaving. Use a warm to hot towel soaked in water and wrap your head in it for a minimum of thirty seconds.  Longer is better because you want to get your head as wet as possible.  For me, I like to shave in the shower and spend some time soaking in the water, and the steam keeps the head and hair moist for the duration of the shave.  Having your hair soft and wet reduces the chance that you will suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs.  Also, rubbing your hair against the grain will help to raise any stubborn hairs that are lying against the scalp.

Now it is time to apply the shaving lubricant of your choice.  Be sure to work it in very well and as mentioned above, rubbing against the grain will raise stubborn hair.  The better you work in the lubricant, the better the shaving experience.  It can make the shave much closer and more comfortable, so do not skip this important step in your routine.

Grab your razor and let’s get shaving.

Start with the finer, softer hair and work towards the coarser, thicker hair.  Doing so will allow the shaving lube to make the thick hair softer and easier to shave thus allowing the shaving experience to go much “smoother.”  Do not rush yourself when you start shaving! Use slow, even strokes, and shave against the grain because this gives you the closest results. Yes, shaving with the grain produces less irritation but can leave you with a less than perfect results. However, whichever direction you choose will depend on your skin sensitivity, and how close you want your shaving outcomes.

No matter the direction of the shave, only pass over each area once to get the minimum irritation and least chance of nicking yourself. You can shave over the same area more than once but only if you feel the need to get a closer shave, however, each pass can increase the irritation you will experience.

Done with the shaving? Fabulous! It is now time to clean it all up.

Hopefully, your shaving preparations produced little irritation. This is good as all you really need is to rinse off your head and towel dry.  It is always best to pat it dry.  Do not rub it dry because that could cause irritation.  After drying, wash your head with mild soap and water and pat dry again.  Using cold water while cleaning is best at this stage of the process.  When you were prepping and shaving, the warm water opened the pores on your head which allowed for moister to seep into the scalp.  Using cold water closes those pores and locks in the moisture while cooling the scalp.

If your head got irritated during your shave, use a good aftershave lotion or skin care balm that contains Aloe or Vitamin E as these nutrients have healing properties. I prefer to use RUGGED & DAPPER – Face Moisturizer for Men because it is also good for the face and its ability to fight aging, acne & breakouts, environmental damage and of course post-shave irritation.  You can also use aftershaves that contain alcohol or isopropyl alcohol if you experience razor bumps or accidentally nicked your pate.  The alcohol acts as an antiseptic for your skin, and it cleans any nicks as well as helps prevent ingrown hairs from forming.  Using anything with alcohol is not recommended for daily use as it can dry oils and essential nutrients from the skin – use it sparingly.  As a final step, you might consider using a product called Inhibitif.  After using it for some time it has been found to slow the regrowth of hair which allows a longer time between shaves.

All Done!

Now, get out there and show off that beautiful, hair-free head.  Don’t be surprised if people want to touch that clean cranium…it’s one of the “hazards” of having a smooth, shiny bald head.  Enjoy it!

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