Thinking About Shaving Your Head?

You may have come to this site either because you are curious about shaving your head or you already do and just like to see what someone else is saying about it.  Well, this site is dedicated to the folks that have a fascination with shaved heads, looking for information about just about anything for shaved heads or even to find products or accessories for use in the different ways of head shaving (and some of these things can also be used below the hairline lol).


When someone is thinking about going with the “nude headdress” there are some considerations that should be looked at – some good and some that may make you think twice about your new look.  If you have not fully grasped the benefits and possible drawbacks of shaving your head, then read on and consider how they might relate to your smooth noggin.

For starters, someone that shaves his head to a smooth shine becomes a member of a select group of individuals.  You may have walked into a store, a mall, or through the park and most likely have seen at least one bald man in the crowd.  Maybe you did not think about it much (unless you are fantasizing yourself bald) but did you see two bald guys pass each other?  Did you notice the “nod of acknowledgment” they gave each other?  Did you see that woman pass the bald guy without much of a glance just to see her turn and watch him walk away?  This is the bald effect that makes others perceive that bald men are thought to be more socially mature, intelligent, educated and honest as compared to their full head of hair counterparts.  And studies have shown that bald men are more readily associated with a non-threatening form of social dominance.

Think about waking up and getting ready for work or your day of relaxation.  No need for combs, brushes, blow dryers, mousse, hairspray, or all the implements of getting your hair just right for the public.  You can just run a washcloth over your head and your set.  No bedhead, hat hair or bad haircuts.  When you are walking around outside, and you start getting hot and sweaty, just stick your head under the water fountain and cool off.  The bald head is also very comfortable.  You can get pleasure running your hand across your scalp without the pain of catching knotted hair.  And if you want to get attention, the bald man has a most striking look.  Although there are some that do not want to admit it, they find bald men fascinating and there are those that may ask you how it feels or my favorite question “Can I touch it?”.

Some consideration that should be taken is where you live.  If you have bitterly cold winters or sweltering summers, then invest in some nice headgear, sunscreen, moisturizers, and vitamins.  Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for healthy skin and moisturizers with Aloe are soothing. Remember, the scalp is skin and can be affected by the elements just like the rest of your body.  Also, to help keep irritation down, you should be prepared to shave regularly.  For me, that is a daily process that takes less time than when I had to shampoo, dry, and style my hair.

Finally, a shaved head is not for everyone, and some people discover that look does not suit them. Many people discover that their head is too bumpy or the shape of the pate is just not right. This is something that each person will need to decide on their own, but in the end, remember the first person you have to please is yourself.

Ready to get shaving?  Here is our Head Shaving Tutorial.

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