Thinking About Shaving Your Head?

You may have come to this site either because you are curious about shaving your head or you already do and just like to see what someone else is saying about it.  Well, this site is dedicated to the folks that have a fascination with shaved heads, looking for information about just about anything for shaved heads or even to find products or tools for use in the different ways of head shaving (and some of these things can also be used below the hairline lol).

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To Shine or Not to Shine

Many men shave their head to show off their “attitude.” For many, this indicates that they have decided to say “I’m gonna let it shine.”  Some bald men consider a pate so smooth that it can be seen from a distance as the definitive sign of a good shave. Others flinch at the thought of head that blinds people with that mirror-like surface and want to know how to avoid it.

Head Shaving Tutorial

Head shaving is not really that difficult, but it can be a somewhat unnerving that first time. Below we will give you the steps required for the first-time shaver to reveal that beautiful, smooth crown.

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